All properties that are not serviced by a main sewer require an on site sewage treatment system.

The treated effluent leaving a treatment plant must be discharged to either the ground or a water course.

Ground must be tested to ensure it is sutable to receive a discharge.

A water course must be assessed to confirm the level of treatment required for the discharge.

All discharges must be consented under the WATER ( NORTHERN IRELAND ) ORDER 1999 

The Northern Ireland Environment Agency monitors the discharges and the granting of "consents to discharge". 

All consents have conditions particular to that consent and property.

In January 2012 the NIEA changed the format of the application form. They also changed the fee structure.Other changes included different treatment standards, different consent conditions and more detailed confirmation of what actually exists in the ground in the case of existing systems.Desk top preparation of applications is no longer possible. An on site assessment is now necessary.  

Home owners selling their properties do not want last minute delays or withdrawals. Early confirmation of the existance of a satisfactory on site treatment system and the appropriate "consent to discharge" will  prevent problems and allow a smooth completion.


Purchasors do not want to be taking on a previous owners problems and just as searches are completed to ensure compliance with planning, building control etc. a "consent to discharge" is essential.


Remortgages are also subject to site surveys and compliance with all property legislation. 


We can provide system surveys and site assessments. We can prepare estimates for upgrades and repairs. Our aim is to achieve compliance with NIEA legislation by liaising with NIEA inspectors and preparing applications if required.


Please contact us to discuss any aspect of our service that may be of assistance to you or your clients.



Please see the following link for guidance on completion of revised WO2 application form