Ref. “Consents to discharge”


As you are aware “consents to discharge” for septic tanks ( including packaged treatment plants) must be applied for to the Northern Ireland Environment agency.

These “consents” are still granted under the Water ( Northern Ireland ) Order 1999.


In January of this year the Northern Ireland Environment Agency changed their application form, measurement of treatment efficiency, percolation test procedure and now require additional information compared to the old WO2 form.


I enclose a copy of the new form and a copy of the “guidance notes” for the completion of the new form.


Due to these changes and the fact I am working with these systems on a daily basis many architects practices have contacted me for guidance on the completion of the form and the more detailed site assessment now required. In fact many have decided to refer their clients directly to me, to provide the complete service of assessment, proposal and application.


I would like to offer my services to your practice. I can either work directly with yourselves or your clients.


Every site has its own specific conditions and problems. For this reason it is not practical to provide a full schedule of costs for all aspects of my service, but I can provide some basic costs for guidance.


The pricing assumes your practice can provide the 1:2500 site location map and the 1:500 site layout drawing for the particular site.

Option 1

Site visit to make basic assessment of ground conditions, topography and general characteristics specific to the site.

Assuming a normal solution to the discharge issue, the application form would be completed and submitted for a fee of £250.00 plus vat

 Option 2

If it is considered that a basic septic tank and sub surface irrigation system might work, percolation tests would be required. If the excavation of the test holes is carried out by the client under my guidance and I monitor the results and complete the calculations an additional fee of £100.00 plus vat would be applied.


Any additional work required to bring an application through assessment, design, completion and submission to the NIEA would incur additional fees. I would always attempt to provide an accurate estimate of these possible additional fees after the initial visit.     



I hope my offer of assistance on this issue is of interest to you or your clients.


Should you require clarification of any of the points please do not hesitate to contact me.


Yours sincerely


L T Allen